There’ss probably gonna be alot of updates to this so Im gonna try not to spam the shit out of this. Basically I hit 30 and had a mid life crisis (kind of). I have a bit of dyslexia and its always been something that basically stooped me from doing in anything in school related to math or science and you guessed it programming. This project was built using Unreal 4. Its a ways off but its just me and I figured I haven't posted anything in forever so might as well show a bit of the pain and suffering. Everything is 3d or it at least starts there. I can't draw to save my life. I rendered out the assets, animations, and some of the fx through VRAY, atlased those, learned some stuff about programming and beat this thing into a space where you can actually play it. Not saying its great but I did do it which is huge for me. My goal is to finishing this hopefully this year. Its just me as of now; modeling, lighting, animating, design, programming, wish me luck